Saturday, August 29, 2009

Japanese Rice Murals

Farmers create coloured rice 'murals' in Japan [more at]

Money Maker

Money Maker
Turns regular paper into real money, any currency.

Never worry again.
Impress people.
Quit your job.
Live your life.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

John Paul Thurlow's Covers

John Paul Thurlow's Covers blog is an ongoing project intended to “create cover art for every great magazine.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art of the Arcade: Retro Gaming Flashback

The classic art of vintage video games has a rich nostalgia that inspires today’s creative mind. To celebrate our game art history, a new blog entitled Art of the Arcade collects and displays the artwork that built an industry, even a generation. To enjoy it, here .
[via dvice]

Ampersand Faux Cufflinks

Ampersand Faux Cufflinks.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

TeaParty Series

Love this German design company Donkey Products humorous products. Interesting and funny tea bags. Check out the other designs here.

waterstudio NL: the citadel water apartment complex

the citadel floating apartment complex by waterstudio NL
image courtesy
waterstudio NL

The citadel is the first floating apartment complex, part of the new water project
in the netherlands by waterstudio NL. the building will consist of 60 luxury apartments with parking spaces and large terraces. through its fluent design it shows the endless possibilities of building on water. new water is a benchmark project in dutch water-management developments. the artificially maintained water level of this former polder, measures approximately 2.5km by 500m and will be raised to bosom-level, creating a site that will not only act as a regional contingency water storage area, but also hosts a multitude of water-related developments including 1200 dwellings.

Gorgeous modern timepiece uses letters, not numbers to tell you the current time.

Designed by Biegert & Funk, the QLOCKTWO displays text that describes the current time using statements like “IT IS NINE O’CLOCK” or “IT IS FIVE PAST TWO”. Individual minutes are conveyed through the tiny white dots in the corners of the clock. A flip of the switch, and the seconds appear as a giant dot-matrix display behind the letters. And if you’d prefer your time in a language other than English, you’ve got a choice of German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, or French versions too.
The QLOCKTWO isn’t cheap. It retails for €1099.99 (appx. $1565 USD), and interchangeable color faceplates are available starting at €95 (appx. $136 USD) each over at the Biegert & Funk store.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ad of today : Bad food, Bad dog...

"Bad food, bad dog. All the vitamins, all the flavor."

Advertising Agency: Prolam Y&R Santiago, Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director: Tony Sarroca
Regional Executive Creative Director: Guillermo Vega
Creative Directors: Francisco Cavada, Alvaro Becker
Art Directors: Fabrizio Capraro, Andres Echeverria
Digital Retoucher / Illustrator: Raul Pardo
Account Supervisor: Juan Carlos Meza
Published: April 2009

The Perforated House by Kavellaris Urban Design

Kavellaris Urban Design (KUD) have designed the Perforated House in Melbourne, Australia.

This project to us is a platform to establish a critical dialogue within our built environment; to raise questions as much as it is to finding solutions. The project is a critique on our cultural attitudes and how we determine them. A critique on what we consider to be of heritage significance and how to narrate such ideas in a critical and contemporary manner.

This once vacant site is nestled at the eastern bookend between a row of single fronted Victorian terraces and a double fronted Edwardian weatherboard house.
Our strategy was to critique and respond to our ongoing research into the Terrace typology. The built form is essentially an urban infill within a 5.5×14.4m envelope. The perforated house is our response to establish an alternative language to the accepted notion of our cultural attitude towards critical questions of identity and heritage.

We wanted the house to be more than just a facade. More than just a message or a graphic stuck to a building. Our building was not an urban canvas paying tribute to Venturi’s “decorated shed”, instead the external facade could be experienced internally and is also a multi functional device that constantly transforms the built form from solid to void, from private to public, from opaque to translucent. By day the building is heavy and reflective and by night inverting into a soft translucent permeable light box. The operable wall or the absence of the facade enabled us to remove the idea that houses are static.
The use of operable walls, doors, curtains and glass walls enables the occupants to change the experience and environment. This architectural manipulation of space blurred the boundaries between inside and outside, the public and private realm. The manipulated spaces overlapped and borrowed the amenity and context of it’s surrounding environment.

The plan inverts the traditional terrace program with the active living zones on the first floor opening onto a north facing terrace thereby generating a primary northerly orientation to a south facing block. The perforated house incorporates passive sustainable interventions by orientating north glass bifolds doors and louvers for cross ventilation as the primary means of cooling. In addition, solar hot water and 5 star rated sanitary ware fixtures were incorporated. The north facing terrace redefines the “aussie” backyard reinforced by the childlike mural reminiscing on a past era and making commentary on the changing demography of the family unit and ultimately the inner city house typology. (via contemporist)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Paul Lee Design

Some wonderful work being done by LA-based artist Paul Lee, which I came across on Ffffound a few days ago.Check out more of Paul’s inspiring work on his website.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Emily Forgot

Emily Forgot is the moniker of London based graphic artist Emily Alston. Having worked in the creative industry for the past 5 years she has amassed a diverse range of international clients. Embracing the odd, the everyday and the sometimes surreal, Emily Forgot’s playful visual language and image making continues to evolve and surprise. Turning her hand to anything from illustration, retail display, print design and visual identity she prides herself on approaching all briefs with creative thought, originality, humour and beauty in mind. (via it's nice that )

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Words of today

Paper Sculpture Fashion by Zaharova and Plotnikov

Artists Alexandra Zaharova & Ilya Plotnikov delivered an idea more enthralling than the jewelry it was intended to promote. Their Paper Sculpture designs framed the model in pure, geometric white fashions with a bold black tie front-and-center. Their portfolio is rich with paper-styled designs. [zaharova x plotnikov on behance]